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Update: Feb 23 2021

Got a few new Compact Discs in stock, and discovered a couple of things that we thought were sold out.

You know what's great about CDs? They play in your car, you can easily rip them to MP3, and we sell them SUPER CHEAP! They are the most unfashionable format around, which makes them kinda cool. High quality, fully functional CD players are alot easier to find in at your local thrift store than a cassette player or turntable these days. Start a CD collection!


The Usurpers "Future Wars" LP (green vinyl) $8.00
DIY UK82/Early 80s hardcore-influenced punk from Salt Lake City

The Persecuted "Terrorist USA" 7" EP (blue/white vinyl) $6.00
The Persecuted "Terrorist USA" 7" EP (purple splatter vinyl) $6.00
Austin TX/Salt Lake City UK82-influenced punk rock

Rictus Grin S/T 7" EP $6.00
Crazy female-fronted pogo punk

Revolt/Mooseknuckle split 7" EP (pink vinyl) $7.00
Revolt/Mooseknuckle split 7" EP (green vinyl) $7.00
Revolt/Mooseknuckle split 7" EP (black vinyl) $6.00
Revolt: Salt Lake lineup drunk punks
Mooseknuckle: Northeast Troma punks

Destroi!/Defected Drones split 7" EP $6.00
Two bands from opposite coasts.. almost gone

Stench "Cult Status" LP $12.00
Italian Import. Offensive UK82 punk from Wolverhampton.

Rotten UK "Bat Shit Crazy" 7" EP $6.00
Really strong UK82-style punk from Rochester NY

Negativ "Automatic Thoughts" 7" EP (blue vinyl) $6.00
Norwegian "new wave of nothing" Rudi-Peni/Negazione comparisons

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? "Sleepytine Punks" 7" EP $8.00
Japanese import on Pogo 77 label.. almost gone

Tom and Boot Boys "Punks are Ripped Off" 7" EP $8.00
Japanese import on Pogo 77 label.. almost gone

Step 13 / Dogs In The Fight split 7" EP (orange/green vinyl) $6.00
Really nice release. Includes code for digital download

User Unauthorized "Pigs got ahold of me" 7" EP $6.00
ATX punk. Label-mates of The Persecuted. Limited 500


The Usurpers "Future Wars" (green cassette) $5.00
DIY UK82/Early 80s hardcore influenced punk

Segmentix "Great Country" (blue cassette) $5.00
Female-fronted street punk from St. Petersburg Russia

Splatter Pattern "Smash the Cages" $5.00
Very strong new release by this old Milwaukee punk band

C.A.C. / Menudo Death Squad split tape $5.00
C.A.C. female vox pogo punk. M.D.S. Florida street punk

Splatter/The Persecuted split tape $5.00
Two hard punk bands from ATX

4 Stupid Boys "Who's In Control" $5.00
Moscow street punk

Premier Regimen "Ultimo Testamento" $5.00
Columbia UK82 influenced punk

Short Fuse S/T cassette $5.00
Salt Lake City street punks. Warning Label release

Last Kaste "Demo 2016" $6.00
Canadian import. Female-vox Expelled-style UK82 punk

Germ Attack "Fear of the Unknown" $6.00
Canadian import.. almost gone!

Germ Attack "Cruxshadow" $6.00 Canadian import.. almost gone!

B.A.R.F. "6 Trax Demo" $5.00
New apocalypse-era Salt Lake noisy DIY punk rock

Digna Y Rebelde S/T cassette $5.00
Salt Lake Spanish-language punk. New Warning Label release.

Hasta La Tierra "Borrachos Unidos" $5.00
South Texas punk. Warning Label release.

Defonce "Demo 1" $6.00
Canadian import

Lubed S/T cassette $5.00
Salt Lake noisy punk.. Warning Label release

Shit Dogma "De-Evolution" $5.00
3 piece Salt Lake political punk

V/A "D.U.I. or Die" compilation $5.00
Compilation representing the current Las Vegas punk scene

V/A "Learn How to Party" compilation $5.00
90 mins of almost 40 recent Salt Lake City punk/hc bands


We have only a few of these Japanese imports left! Very limited! In some cases, there is only 1 left, and we don't expect to get more.

Shit-Faced "Greatest Hits" $12.00
Japanese import from Pogo 77.. almost gone!

The Erections "Complete 2003-2014" $12.00
Japanese import from Pogo 77.. almost gone!

Discocks "Don't Be Fooled..Don't Be Satisfied..Don't be Denied" $12.00
Japanese import from Pogo 77.. almost gone!

Tom & Boot Boys "Latest Fuckin Collection" $12.00
Japanese import from Pogo 77

Tom & Boot Boys / Mad Pigs "Kick Ass From East Side" $12.00
Split release... Japanese import from Pogo 77

Esperanza "Choice" $12.00
Japanese import from Pogo 77.. almost gone!

Pogo Machine "Punk Revelation" $12.00
Japanese import from Pogo 77.. almost gone!

V/A "Punks and Skins are Fuckin Walking Down the Street" $12.00
Japanses import. Pogo 77 compilation with 19 bands from 2004

Hooligan 45 "Boots, Beer, & Oi!" $5.00
Texas City Oi band

Damn Broads "Guilty as Charged" $5.00
13 song CD by all-female band on Vicious Mistress Records. 2014.

Damn Broads "Looks Do Kill" $5.00
Another 13 song album on Vicious Mistress Records. 2017.

Equinox "Disorder" $5.00
5 song CD from 2015 ATX female-fronted UK82-style band

Anti-Thought "The Letdown" $5.00
12 song CD by St. Louis street punk band

Tank Rats "Get Tanked" $5.00
Nashville street punk. Small number back in stock.

V/A "Slope Records Sampler Volume 1" $5.00
Featuring The Besmirchers, The Feederz, The Scandals, The Bulemics, and 14 more bands.

Punks on Parade S/T $10.00
Last copy of this limited release by ATX street punk band from 2015.

VHS Tapes

UK/DK: A Film About Punks and Skinheads $10.00
Early 80s documentary with The Exploited, Vice Squad, The Adicts, Blitz, Chaos UK, The Varukers, Disorder, The Business. Interviews and live performances. Good quality intro to UK82 punk.

The Ungovernable Force $10.00
Bootleg copy of Troma movie featuring several punks you may know

East Coast Pogo Attack Volume 1 $10.00
East Coast Pogo Attack Volume 2 $10.00
1990s video compilations from the golden era of East Coast street punk.
Volume 1 includes: Public Nuisance, Aus Rotten, Mankind?, The Bristles, 86'D, Banner of Hope, Blanks 77, Dysfunctional Youth, The Casualties, Violent Society, Broken, Cause for Alarm, Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys, The Pist, Submachine
Volume 2 includes: Defiance, Broken, Distraught, Aus Rotten, The Varukers, Public Nuisance, Dirt, The Pist, Batallion of Saints, Total Chaos, Final Warning, Braindance, Oxymoron


"Eat Well for 99 Cents a Meal" by Bill Kaysing $9.00
Incredible book that teaches you about foods you can get for extremely low prices, and how to prepare meals with them. Life changing!

"Our Enemy, The State" by Albert Jay Nock $8.00
Explains how the state as the enemy of society, especially authoritarian systems like fascism and socialism. Advocates people governing themselves, or consensual delegation of decision-making.

"Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America" by Mark Ehrman $7.00
Where you can immigrate most easily. How to gain residency and citizenship. Countries with a much lower cost of living, and which may be most compatible with your lifestyle or philosophy.

"Pirate Radio Stations: Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts" $10.00
By Andrew R. Yoder. Explains what equipment you need to receive pirate radio broadcasts. Instructions for contacting stations and other pirate radio listeners. Diagrams on how to operate a pirate station.

"Out of the Inner Circle" by Bill Landreth aka "The Cracker" $7.00
Classic book about hacking in the 1980s. A hacker of the pre-internet era describes his exploits hacking into corporate mainframe computers. Hacking in that era was very different than today. This book describes how it was done, and what being a hacker was like.

"Molon Labe!" by Boston T. Party $12.00
This is a rare book. It is a work of fiction about Wyoming declaring independence from the United States. Described by one revieweras "a demented screed of violence and paranoia worthy of the nearest banned books bonfire."

"40 Watts from Nowhere" by Sue Carpenter $7.00
True story of a woman who started and operated two successful pirate radio stations in California: KBLT in Los Angeles, and KPBJ in San Franciso. Her experience contains lessons that can be applied either in pirate radio, or in other ways of living an "unauthorized" life.

"Counterfeit I.D. Made Easy" by Jack Luger $9.00
Step-by-step instructions on making fake drivers licenses, birth certificates, credit cards, photo I.D. cards, and more.

"How to Move to Canada: A Primer for Americans" $8.00
By Terese Loen Kreuzer and Carol Bennet. Real-life advice and perspectives on moving to Canada. Includes info to help you choose which province or territory to move to, which cities you might like, an immigration checklist, and a list of helpful resources.

"Never Say Lie" by Scott French and Paul Van Houten $9.00
How to beat lie detector tests, kinesic interviewing, drug tests. Techniques from the FBI, intelligence agencies, IRS, and the police. Learn how to recognize when someone else is lying.

"The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving" by John Hoffman $9.00
This is THE classic how-to book on dumpster diving. How to dress, how to spot good dumpsters, how to use food salvaged from dumpsters, tools like "bag blades" and "dive sticks", how to handle run-ins with cops, how to convert trash into cash, and more. This book is as fun of a read as it is useful.


We plan to start distributing zines soon.

We will TRADE stuff from our inventory for copies of your zine, depending on the content.

We like zines that are weird, punk, cut-and-paste, obsessive, and/or substantial in size and content. Offensive and/or insane is also cool.

Poetry zines, flimsy over-priced showcases of dull artwork, and most "perzines" are not of interest to us. (In other words, most zines made today suck.) No one wants to pay $10 for a book of your poetry or artwork, and we don't want to be given the unpleasant job of trying to sell crap like that.

If it isn't bizarre, deranged, obessive, or punk, we probably don't want it.

General rule of thumb: If it ain't cheap, it ain't punk!

Prices do not include postage.
The cheapest rate (USPS Media Mail) will be used whenever possible.

Some imports have to be priced higher, due to our costs to import them.

Contact us to order:

Inquiries about trades and distribution, also use the address above.

We used to book DIY punk shows. We don't really do that anymore. But we do know people who do. If your band is looking for a show in Salt Lake, feel free to get in touch, and we'll try to put you in touch with someone who can help.


This distro is operated by the band: The Usurpers.

We are a DISTRO. "Distro" is short for distribution.

"Distro" does not mean "I make and sell things". (Though some people seem to think so.) A distro is a DIY approach to distributing music, zines, buttons, or whatever.

We sell to individuals, but we TRADE in quantity with bands, labels, and (other) distros. (We also sell wholesale to record stores, and we'll trade with people who make stuff.)

The operator(s) of this distro DO make things (records for our band). But instead of just trying to sell thousands of copies ourselves, we choose to network with others (bands, labels, record stores, zine publishers) for mutual benefit.

We TRADE our records, and other stuff in our distro, for stuff other DIY creators have made.

This not only helps us to spread our band's records around the world, but it HELPS OTHER BANDS get their stuff spread, and GROWS THE UNDERGROUND PUNK SCENE.

This distro's goal isn't to make money. The goal is to spread music we believe in, and to help grow an underground DIY network that exists outside of the corporate mainstream. We have to at least get close to break even, to remain viable in the long-run, but we sell stuff as cheaply as we can, and spread it as far as we can.


Contact us. Whether you are a BAND, LABEL, or another DISTRO, we want to help you move your releases and get them into the hands of people who will LISTEN to them and appreciate them!


Yeah, you can just sell your stuff at your merch table, or on Etsy or whatever. But with distribution, your stuff can reach people who you'll never meet. (Besides, do you want to be known as an "Etsy" punk band?)

Plus, imagine the extra sales you can make at your merch table to repeat customers, if you have more than just 1-2 things to sell? By trading, you get extra stuff you can sell at your merch table AFTER they have already bought your new record, etc. More sales is more money to fund your next release, your tour, or whatever.


We trade like-for-like:

We are also interested in obtaining:

Contact us for a trade list, or to work out a deal on something else.


Most of the internet these days is lame as shit. Except you can still find some weird and interesting stuff out there, away from the mega-corporate sites, in the dark corners of the web that most people never look in. (Neocities is full of interesting stuff.)

But we don't want any daylight to intrude into this little dark corner of ours, so this site is set to NOINDEX/NOFOLLOW. So, Google can suck it. We don't want to be indexed, cataloged, filed, or numbered! And so we have placed the appropriate meta tags in our code to tell Google and others to fuck off.


If you don't want everything you do on the web to be spied on, we recommend the following browsers:

Other stuff that helps keep the Google/Facebook surveillance duopoly from spying on you:

And instead of using social media so much, maybe build your own web site!
Some of Scatter's other web sites: UK82 : THE USURPERS : MASS PRODUCE

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Bands: Contact us for help with distribution!! We can spread your stuff all over the world... Labels and other music distros, we trade like-for-like: 12" vinyl for 12" vinyl, tapes for tapes, CDs for CDs, etc. Send us a list of what you have to trade... Record stores: Contact us for wholesale prices... Do you have a zine? We want to distribute it. Also, if you want advertisers to help offset the costs of printing your zine, let us know... Do you have something you want to promote? We can send out inserts with our mail promoting your release or whatever.